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This is a contender for most favorite image I’ve shot so far this year…YEP!

This behind-the-scenes picture of our team for a recent fashion shoot in SoHo, gathered together on our terrace at The Jane Hotel, makes me so happy for all the right and wrong reasons.  I absolutely adore this photograph, all the ladies pictured, and all it represents on a personal level.  The creative forces and kindred spirits are easily seen and the connections between these young women take over the frame.  They had all just met that day…one of those unicorn moments in the industry.  I couldn’t have been happier and I’m smiling as I post this!

Love it.  Love them.  Loved the whole day.  To me - this image is EVERYTHING…


And another fave for good measure:


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So, finally we have Mr. and Mrs. Harrison! Meghan and Byron tied the knot on May 23, 2009 in Birmingham, Alabama after approximately eight years of dating. I love their story. High school sweethearts are always special to me, as I married mine! And I’ve had the pleasure of knowing these two since they were in middle school…I think. Meghan and Byron both graduated from high school with my little brother, and it was SO much fun to get to know them on a different level - lay the foundation for a genuine friendship of my own with them.

I think the main lesson I’ve learned watching their relationship over the last year is from the intensity of their loyalty. They have stuck by one another through thick and thin, together and over distances, as they really grew up together and fell more and more in love. To watch Meghan and Byron and be acquainted with their hearts is to see love in action. Love is an action after all, and it was a blessing to be reminded of that by these newlyweds.

I spent the whole weekend tagging along with Meghan, everywhere she went. SO awesome!

First of all, I have to give a shout-out to my favorite quotes from the rehearsal dinner. I really couldn’t stop laughing when Mary Ivey, a bridesmaid who I’ve also know since she was very young, threw out “Byron, I’m really glad it didn’t work out with us going to Homecoming together sophomore year, because we wouldn’t all be here tonight”. Classic! And then from the Bride’s parent’s best friends, “We wish you all the happiness he THOUGHT he was going to have when he married me”. Love it!

I kicked off Saturday morning at the bridesmaid brunch, headed to the salon, and then bopped along throughout the wedding day with my girl. We had some really sweet moments of our own together, me and Meghan. I guess to sum it up, this couple is very special to me and I was beyond honored to be a part of their wedding.


Amazing make-up at Richard Joseph…

If you’re worried that I didn’t call Kari, the amazing stylist, “Ingrid” by mistake for no reason at all…don’t be.




Love the flowers by Tom Roberson…

Yeah, this happened. Please note the time on the clock in the background. What is a great idea 35 minutes before you get married? A game of dizzy-bat of course. Hilarious!


The kiss!

Oh, the spunky bridal party! Getting it on in the rain…



Amazing catering by Kathy G.


Sweet sorority sisters…

I LOVE this image!

Other killer highlights: dueling pianos, rocking groom’s cake, hot shaves, Penney - the least candid, yet most random bridesmaid in the world, and the gorgeous dress and reception details. Perhaps I’ll post some more images a little later. Thanks so much Meghan and Byron for allowing me to capture your day! Congratulations and Best Wishes!

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