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Today, I’m in the midst of creating Kelly and Matt’s album. Reliving the story of their glamorous, romantic, impeccably styled wedding day is literally causing me to swoon.

How jaw-dropping can a venue and its natural surroundings be?  How very personal, yet still unbelievably detailed and gorgeous can a wedding be?  How grounded and joyful and hilarious can your clients be?  Apparently greater than you can fathom.

To watch people you’ve truly come to care for delight in one another and their marriage and enjoy celebrating all of it to the fullest, is a rare and treasured experience.  I’m over the moon for these two.  Is that cheesy?  You bet.  Completely heartfelt?  Absolutely.  I gained true friends in these newlyweds, which is the most precious gift you can ever hope for as a wedding photographer.

I’m DYING over this wedding, but I can’t share it anywhere…yet.

So, in order to give you all a peek in, and satisfy my longing to post these film frames I’m in love with (that I got back this weekend from RPL)  - I’m letting you have a little look behind the scenes.  Literally.  A couple candid moments caught on film that will warm your heart without actually giving anything away.

Meet Kelly and Matt in the middle of their magical day in Maui:



I promise you will eventually see their story in entirety, but it will be a bit before it hits this blog :)

I hope your week is full of beauty and love as well my friends!

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