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Serious blog slack attack anyone? Here’s the deal…this blog has been DOA. It really should be thriving right now, but instead of coming more vividly to life with more things going on - it has very sadly gotten a little kicked to the curb. I feel like every time I blog, I inevitably say, “this time will be differently…I’ll blog so much more after this post”, and then I fail to follow through. But this time, it really is different…(and yes, I know that the definition of insanity is doing the exact same thing and expecting different results)…but this is why: I have tons of stuff to post, and I’m going to match Marcie. Wait, what? Nope, you read that right.

Here is my goal: I will match Marcie Morris’ blog posts for a month, starting today. Don’t worry, I’ll explain.

First of all, this is not a resolution, nor does it have anything to do with the New Year. It’s a separate goal. So, a little about Marcie: she is one of my clients who is an incredible encourager of this blog, and is also an avid blogger of her own. I am always amazed at where she seems to find the time to do all the things she does…really. Even to re-designing her blog theme on what seems like a weekly basis. But that’s beside the point. Marcie is so faithful to her blog that it constantly inspires me (and also makes me feel like the biggest slacker in the blogosphere) - so I am pledging to match her from now until January 21, 2010. Every time Marcie posts, so will I.

And there you have it. Random? Absolutely. Fun? Yep. Unattainable? We’ll see!

Here is a tiny taste of some yummy posts to come…









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Details Communications hooked me up with this amazing new blog!!! And even though I had already technically checked off #1 on my 101 in 1001 list when I left my old squarespace blog, this recent upgrade and gorgeous customization called for another check, plus some major props to the great folks at DC who made this thing happen. I am incredibly excited about my new website they are making for me! Be looking for it to launch in the next month.

Thanks so much to all of you at Details, you have made me a happy happy girl!

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101 IN 1001

Okay kids - here is my complete list of 101 things I want to do in the next 1001 days! I will be referring back to this list as I work on checking things off. DISCLAIMER: These items are listed in no particular order!

Start Date: January 30, 2009
End Date: October 29, 2011

  1. Update and fully customize my blog.
  2. Visit my friend Hadden and her husband in NYC.
  3. Update my website.
  4. Finish the studio renovation.
  5. Take Gracie to enroll in and complete an obedience class.
  6. Make dinner for my husband every night for an entire week.
  7. Read three books to benefit my business.
  8. Run a half-marathon.
  9. Learn to brew my own beer alongside the Back-Door Brewery.
  10. Be a guest at a wedding.
  11. Buy a house in Charleston, SC.
  12. Complete and execute the Alpha Kappa Camera plans.
  13. Plant flowers in my flowers boxes and keep them alive for an entire season.
  14. Attend ‘The Image is Found’ workshop with my friend Cristi.
  15. Fulfill all of my commitments to my volunteer charity organizations.
  16. Start sending out anniversary cards to past clients.
  17. Blog every day for an entire month.
  18. Second-shoot for my childhood friend, Kerie.
  19. Shoot a wedding on another continent.
  20. Get my friend Ben to compose a song for my website.
  21. Learn how to change a flat tire.
  22. Surprise my husband with a crazy fun adventure trip.
  23. Take a dance class.
  24. Do some first-year sessions for Miller Fields.
  25. Learn to play poker.
  26. Go to Symphony In The Park.
  27. See Criss Angel live.
  28. Take a vacation with my friend Lucy and our mothers.
  29. Do a crazy high-fashion vintage shoot with some of my friends.
  30. Attend a OneLight Workshop.
  31. Go white water rafting.
  32. Come up with a killer playlist for client meetings.
  33. Photograph Gracie and all the puppies!
  34. Get to know my neighbors better.
  35. Learn to whistle.
  36. Explore the nooks and crannies of Central Alabama on scout days.
  37. Take a fun trip with my mom to make up for Memphis.
  38. Network with other photographers by linking Facebook and Twitter to my blog.
  39. Join Twitter.
  40. Shoot a Bridal Couture Trash The Dress session in a body of water.
  41. Take a defensive driving class…for fun.
  42. Document the locations of my personal history.
  43. Master my own texture technique.
  44. Do a “Top Five” blog post.
  45. Read the entire Bible in a year.
  46. Do a portrait session with our friends, The Giffens.
  47. Make a floral arrangement by myself.
  48. Beat my husband at an Xbox game.
  49. Go to Lebowski Fest.
  50. Get a cake from Duff at Ace of Cakes.
  51. Learn to cut grass.
  52. Purchase an Abe Morrell print.
  53. Go to San Diego.
  54. Win a WPJA award.
  55. Create a studio manual.
  56. Go to Sips-N-Strokes.
  57. Hit up another Panic Show.
  58. Host a “Lost” Party at my house.
  59. Take pictures of my friend Jasika Nicole.
  60. Go to Dubrovnik on my 5 year anniversary.
  61. Start sending out business holiday cards.
  62. Go back to New Orleans…
  63. Take one of Ruthie’s workout classes.
  64. Undertake a video project to market the studio.
  65. See The Boston Pops.
  66. Go on a missions trip through my church.
  67. Get a new laptop.
  68. Complete the Man Cave.
  69. Cut down my own Christmas Tree at a Christmas Tree Farm.
  70. Coin my own term and patent it…for fun.
  71. Take a pottery class.
  72. Have my brother-in-law design a house for us.
  73. Find and buy the bow earrings that I have been looking for for three years.
  74. Take my sister-in-law on a fun trip, just the two of us.
  75. Visit my brother in Marion.
  76. Host a dinner party for my bible study.
  77. Shoot a wedding for free - which would be chosen through a selection process.
  78. Organize the office production area and client files.
  79. Have a professional portrait session of me and my husband in Fenway Park.
  80. Sell “Changing Shoes” to the Citadel bookstore.
  81. Convince Anna Maner to hang out with me for an entire weekend.
  82. Second-shoot for my childhood friend Kerie Cleveland.
  83. Meet Bill Simmons of ESPN.
  84. Paint my living room and back bedroom.
  85. Go to a ‘Journey’ concert with Lucy.
  86. Donate photographic services to Lifeline Childrens’ Services.
  87. Donate photographic services to Big Oak Ranch.
  88. Finish my Father’s Christmas present from two years ago.
  89. Take formal portraits of my Grandmother Josie.
  90. Do a portrait of Lucy for her facebook profile picture.
  91. Have my quiet time every single day for six weeks.
  92. Design new client packets.
  93. Have a lighting workshop with my photographer friends in town.
  94. Have an open house party for the studio.
  95. Watch the Alabama Crimson Tide win the National Championship.
  96. Take shots of my Father’s and his friends’ planes…to feed the aviation addictions.
  97. Hire an intern.
  98. Order all new sample albums.
  99. Get Heidi to answer the phone when I call her…just once!
  100. Get new headshots of myself for my website and blog.
  101. Learn to grill.

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