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Well, I never thought it could actually happen. This is my last post of the month of blogging EVERY SINGLE DAY! I can’t believe I made it - it seemed an insurmountable thing to take on. And now I get to check this off of the 101 in 1001 list!

One major benefit of embarking on and finishing this venture, is it really got me to start thinking about blogging in a whole new way. I’m gonna be honest here - I don’t particularly enjoy blogging. Up to now, I really only looked at this blog as a way to update work, as my website was SO outdated (soon to be fixed!), and give clients a little bit of a peek at their images as they were waiting for proofs. But now, I’ve started to enjoy the blog. I can’t believe I just wrote that…I’m picking up my jaw as I write. I’ve realized that this blog can be an incredible networking tool, and a way to connect with people in profound ways.

I used to be terrified of blogging. There, I said it. Petrified really. There were all the normal fears - what to write? would anyone read it? does anyone CARE? what if people hate what I have to say? what if they hate my work? It’s really scary to put yourself out there for the world to see, and then evaluate! But I got over the initial fears with a little help from my friends. Encouragement came from the most unexpected places. And so I moved on to my more specific issues and insecurities to work through. How to portray myself - I’m a southerner after all, and bless my heart, I better act like a lady on the blog! And yet, I wanted to be myself, and…shocker…I’m not always wearing pearls with sorority t-shirts - I mean, there’s a little funky-ness to my personality. Could I be that person on the internet? Is it unprofessional? What about the fact that I’m an atrociously terrible writer? Well, this past summer has taught me how to work through all of that as well.

Picture me looking in a mirror here and having a Stuart Smalley moment. But really, it has been a big lesson that you can connect with people, grow as an artist, and settle into yourself. I feel like by putting myself out there - I’m still working it out a little bit - but, I have started to come to grips with who I am as a photographer, and where I want to go.

Sure, there have been not-so-fun lessons learned. As readership has grown, so have random haters. Always anonymous of course - but you learn to laugh at those who take the time to try to tear you down. My favorite hate mail I’ve gotten so far was, “You’re over-rated and I hate your dogs”. I mean, really? I absolutely love it. And, some friends pointed out that if I wasn’t getting more and more random hate posts, then I wouldn’t be growing my readership base and studio presence. True. Or at least I chose to believe it - and that’s all that really matters. At the end of the day (or month), I learned to be myself, look for the positive, take things in stride, and choose to be remarkable - in my own way and on my own terms. All good things.

So, thanks for reading! You have each been so important to this journey and I am forever grateful. Here I am with a few of my friends, all of whom have been vastly encouraging and supportive! And this is how dang happy I am to have finished this month of blogging!!!


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Details Communications hooked me up with this amazing new blog!!! And even though I had already technically checked off #1 on my 101 in 1001 list when I left my old squarespace blog, this recent upgrade and gorgeous customization called for another check, plus some major props to the great folks at DC who made this thing happen. I am incredibly excited about my new website they are making for me! Be looking for it to launch in the next month.

Thanks so much to all of you at Details, you have made me a happy happy girl!

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