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We have been just been waiting on pins and needles for this phenomenal publication to hit the newsstands and are so excited to finally share a look into this Sixties Mod inspired fashion editorial!

Bound By took on this project last season with the endlessly talented team behind Modern Ink Magazine - the utterly brilliant Allison and Rachel.  As the concept came together and the fashion was built into a storyboard revolving around a steamy behind-the-scenes look into an office romance, we all became drawn to the possibilities of mysterious emotions underneath the surface of each image.  The sensual power-struggle and hidden affair are twisted into a new tale by focusing on the personalities behind the fashion - the actions within the frames - the quirky free spirit of this young girl holding reign over the office politics simply by closing her lovers’ door.  From there, it was a dive into an immaculate styling process, and completely gorgeous hair and make-up which continue to define this era in a instantly recognizable, unique way…

As the remaining and stronger scenarios are not being released online for a few weeks - this is what we’ve got to throw out there at the moment.  But we scored the cover, so we’re happy to wait a while longer!  Please enjoy!  Let this be a place to be inspired and immersed…


To wrap up this post, I must say: Our models were simply incredible.  We DIE for them.

Anna, you are a rare and blessed beauty.  A heart of gold makes your youthful and innocent glamor all the more intriguing.  One can’t help but to take another look.  Most importantly of all; to meet you is to love you, and we simply can’t sing your praises enough.  You are treasured and respected immensely.  Thank you for absolutely everything you precious girl!  Rob…what is there to say?  Words can’t even begin to suffice.  It was only a matter of time before your modeling career would skyrocket to new heights, I suppose.  What a incredibly unexpected pleasure to work with you.  You are a trooper like no other.  I heard Derek Zoolander was taking private lessons with you  in preparation for NYC fashion week?  WOW.  You dominated this shoot and took it to a different place - allowing us a foundation with which we would build multiple levels of stories and images.  Buddy, you look amazing and we’re so proud of you.









Lastly, but most certainly least - we thought you guys might want to take a look at the sneak peek PDF from the feature as a complete editoial piece.  Check back to Mosen Ink to see more about the shoot and our complete team! Hopefully the full feature will be released VERY soon.  All the best to each of you in beauty and love.

Peace, Amelia

Photography:  Bound By

Wardrobe Styling:  Michelle Simpson

Make-up Artist:  Claire Balest

Hair Stylist:  Megan Church

Models:  Anna Parmley + Rob Echols

Modern Ink Blog Post and Online Feature Sneak.

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