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Yay for Jennifer and Justin! I can’t wait to post their engagement session and I am so looking forward to their wedding next summer. We had a great weekend in Birmingham, and I really enjoyed my afternoon. It’s so nice to be shooting in nice weather in the South again…



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#3 - CHECK!

WOW! It actually happened. Our website is completely redesigned and updated and LIVE! So, to say the least, I am THRILLED to check this item off of the 101 in 1001 list!

I can’t even begin to share how thankful I am for all of the phenomenal people in my life that made the site possible. To the folks over at Details Communications: Holy Cow - y’all are miracle workers! The entire concept, design, and detailed work that make the site what it is, was ALL their doing. I am truly astounded that they were able to take my heart, vision, and spirit, and reflect it in a website. Incredible. I’m blown away…

To my friend Caleb Chancey, thank you for the great portraits of me! You really nailed what we were looking for out of those images and I’m so thankful for you. You captured me in a really raw way - the way I want clients to see me. I think your work will make it easier for people to connect with me. Your talent is inspiring…

To all the clients and models and friends on the site - thanks for making my life more fun, and my job such a delight! Every moment captured and included on the site is a special one for me as a photographer. Thank you to each and every one of you for helping me to grow as an artist.

And seriously, Graham, no way would any of this have EVER happened without you. EVER. Thank you really isn’t saying enough. I can’t believe the effort you put into sorting through endless images and all the tiniest details, while dealing with my random thoughts along the way. Aside of everything else you were working on. Good grief. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Gifts and praises galore are coming your way, friend…

Now, enough with the Oscar Speech-ish ramblings. Okay, without further adieu - BLAM! Check out the new Amelia Strauss Photography website!


I am SO excited about it and here’s hoping it transfers well across the country :) One of my main hopes is that the site will reach out to a more diverse clientele, and I think that this is a great start…

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