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DYING to share this shoot - so epic in dynamic and concept and bleeding hearts amongst our incredible team of unique visionaries.

Truly, I teared up a couple of times…overwhelmed by the blessing of friendship with such souls.  Who share my passion and drive and heart.  Who root for me and encourage me and constantly inspire me.  Who understand my hopes and dreams - and support me unconditionally along the journey.  How did this happen?!  In Los Angeles, the city of facades above all else?  In the City of Angels where making a real friend at all, much less investing and growing a friendship, can feel so insanely impossible that an actual cherub angel showing up supernaturally to sit in your passenger seat on The 405 is perhaps more feasible.  How did these people enter my life in this place and how gracious are the blessings and tender mercies I’ve been given.  A night like this can heal a heart and set a soul on fire…

This is OH such a tease, but I had to share SOME imagery, right?  Without giving anything away, here is a digital image pulled from one series (of MANY more - which we’ll share bits and pieces of)!

My love and FAVE Brit, whom you’re soon to be obsessed with, on the phone in bed for an image we just pulled at random.  Join us and come along for the ride - this is just a scratch on the beginning of realizing our wildest dreams.  We have to begin somewhere, so peek into our world this morning!  First intro on this journey?  Meet our stunning and lovely friend, India!  Fabulous friend and international model extraordinaire:


This shoot is to DIE for.  Check back while we’re getting ready to launch an entirely new blog!  I’ll be posting film here soon and can’t wait to share this art and story with the world!  Have a wonderful weekend and be a friend to someone…make a sacrifice, be of a servant’s heart…because love ALWAYS wins.

Every. Single. Time.

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claire - oh wow. this is gorgeous. and so happy you wrote about it. I can feel the soul rush through your words.

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